2022 – It’s Been A While!

We haven’t been great about posting updates during the pandemic. Our apologies. While in many ways it feels like life came to a screeching halt in 2020, in many other ways it’s been changing faster than we imagined possible.

The pandemic forced decisions and refocused our endeavors all-around, and in the midst of re-configuring to deal with the numerous issues a worldwide health crisis created, the 2021 ice storm caused all of our efforts to refocus to come crashing down as well – quite literally – when our high tunnels collapsed and we lost hundreds of feet of maple tubing, incurring catastrophic damage to much of our sugar bush.

Collapsed high tunnels after the 2021 ice storm

While we have shared some our journey on our social media outlets, most of our energy has been invested in just keeping the farm going and navigating life with our kids amid this pandemic. As it likely has been for everyone, it is exhausting!

Thankfully, we are still going. We did tap trees this year, though a much lower number than previous years, so we have maple syrup that will be available at upcoming events, and we plan to rebuild our high tunnels this summer. Our plans have changed drastically from what we envisioned, but we have new plans, and we can’t wait to share more as we carry them out.

We are excited here in 2022 to get back out into our community. We have missed setting up at events, and we look forward to catching up with everyone as we venture back out. Hope to see you soon!

Thelia in our sunflower field last year

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