We are a small-scale family farm in Eastern Kentucky. We are selling at the Farmers’ Market in Rowan County (Morehead, KY). It is our mission to help foster a local foods community in our area by providing healthy, high quality foods and information about the food we bring to your table. We also wish to ensure that our children know where their food comes from and to live and grow our food in a sustainable way.



Our farm was handed down to us from Channing’s dad. It has been in his family for six generations and has served as a sustenance farm, a tobacco farm, and a cattle farm. Although, the last time it was used for farming prior to our operation was nearly 30 years ago by Channing’s dad and grandparents. We have been working hard, and are excited to reignite a tradition and shape our farm to sustainably grow healthy foods.


Channing Richardson grew up in Carter County, KY and spent his early years playing outside on what is now Forgotten Foods Farm, LLC. His childhood fostered a love of the outdoors, especially plants and he went on to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Morehead State University and his Master’s Degree in Botany from Oklahoma State University. He still loves plants and has a passion for making them grow.

Amy Richardson was born and raised in Morehead, KY (one county over from the farm). She grew up running through the hills with her cousins and walking barefoot through her parents’ garden letting her imagination run wild. Her love of stories led her to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in English from Morehead State University and her Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Spalding University.

Channing and Amy met through mutual friends at Pasquale’s restaurant in Morehead. She sat down in an empty seat beside him while enjoying dinner with friends, and they have been together ever since. It was their initial conversations about a love of good food and early dates spent cooking together that lit a spark leading to their dream of turning Channing’s family farm into an operational produce farm.

It was a dream they discussed off and on while they lived in Oklahoma and became even more serious about as their family grew:

Bryum Richardson is a lively and entertaining almost-eight-year-old with a serious mind and a love of all things science. He is an excellent storyteller and loves to have an attentive audience.

Thelia Richardson is a sweet, caring almost-six-year-old who loves to sing and often makes up her own songs about whatever she is doing at that moment. She also isn’t afraid to step right in the middle of anything and wants to be just like her big brother.

The Richardson family as a whole is excited to live our dream and we look forward to being your farmers!

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  1. Paulette says:

    Truly enjoyed pictures of your Hickory Syrup project. Looks like something I would enjoy doing. Lots of work and dedication but very rewarding.
    Wishing you and your family the very best.


    1. Thank you, Paulette! It is all of those things!


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