Workshops & Events

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NOTICE: All 2020 Workshops & Events are CANCELLED due to the ongoing pandemic. We hope to offer these workshops and others in the future.

Workshops on the farm include agroforestry knowledge such as shiitake mushroom log inoculation, apple tree grafting, and pawpaw cultivation as well as homesteading skills needed to survive off of the land like wild foraging, primitive bow making, and basic survival skills. All of our workshops in some way include stewardship and working with nature in a sustainable way, which is how we focus our agricultural practices.

Upcoming Events in 2020 (click here)

14 March – Shiitake Log Inoculation
21 March – Apple Tree Grafting
28 March – Shiitake Log Inoculation
18 April – Spring Wild Foraging
30 May – Pawpaw Tree Grafting
27 June – Basic Outdoor Survival
18 July – Wild Summer Foraging
5 September – Pawpaw Foraging & Cultivation
3 October – Primitive Bow Making