Workshops & Events

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Past workshops on the farm have included agroforestry knowledge such as shiitake mushroom log inoculation, apple tree grafting, and pawpaw cultivation as well as homesteading skills needed to survive off of the land like wild foraging, primitive bow making, and basic survival skills. All of our workshops include good stewardship practices and working with nature in a sustainable way, which is how we focus all of our agricultural practices.

Past Workshops & Events:

  • Shiitake Log Inoculation
  • Apple Tree Grafting
  • Shiitake Log Inoculation
  • Spring Wild Foraging
  • Pawpaw Tree Grafting
  • Basic Outdoor Survival
  • Wild Summer Foraging
  • Pawpaw Foraging & Cultivation
  • Primitive Bow Making
  • Kentucky Proud Expo
  • Maker’s Market (Formerly First Friday)
  • Kentucky Maple Day

Upcoming Events in 2022 (click here)