Going into year 5, and we can hardly believe it. Watching our farm grow and change is a lot like parenting: the days are long, but the years are short. It’s really something to look back on pictures of previous years and see how far we’ve come. The hard day-to-day labor can be intense at times, but the years have seemed to fly by, even with our struggles and growing pains. However, we’ve also celebrated many successes as well and are looking forward to lots of changes and even more growth in the coming year.

New sugar shack and increased maple syrup operation. We worked last year toward building up our sugar production and that will continue this year. We love having our Kentucky Proud maple syrup, and even though it’s one of our most labor intensive products, it’s also one of our favorites.

Pawpaws: more pawpaws! (We hope!) In the pictures above, the kids are noticeably smaller than they are currently because pawpaws have always been an obsession of Channing’s and we love them! We hope our trees produce more pawpaws, and we also hope to cultivate more pawpaw trees in the coming year.

Spring and summer veggies. We are still growing veggies! (Mostly heirlooms – we have our own seed bank and love to save our seeds, although we do order quite a few each year – all certified organic, of course.) We will post about our offerings via Facebook and on here.

Workshops: See the Workshops tab in the Menu to check out the hands-on on-the-farm workshops we are offering this year. We hope to add several more to that list, and we have goals to add even more in the coming years.

There is no CSA option this year. We still plan to be at the farmers’ market and First Friday, and we will still be selling our produce at the farm, but for the time being we are taking a break from the CSA in order to focus our efforts elsewhere. We hope to offer it again in the future if there is an interest and we are able to sustain the amount of labor required to run that kind of program, which is challenging since it’s mostly just the two of us.

Please feel free to message us with questions and comments, and please take a look at our workshops and social media pages (if you haven’t already). It’s going to be an awesome year, and we can’t wait for all that is coming!



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