This Weather!

This weekend felt like spring! What a nice break from the twenty degree weather. We are excited. The kids got to play outside, which means they have actually been sleeping well (so we have too), and we got to get our hands dirty.

We (by we I mean Channing) unloaded a trailer full of mulch on our small berry patch, so hopefully the weeds won’t have a chance to grow. We also acquired some blueberry cuttings (thanks to my dear family), which we put rooting hormone on and planted in pots, so hopefully, our berry patch will grow much bigger soon.

The mushroom yard is also looking a little nicer. More undergrowth and brush has been cleared out and we’re making room for our logs. It won’t be long until it’s time to inoculate them.

We also took advantage of our evenings and tried out a batch of hickory syrup (longer post coming soon!), and I cut a bunch of material to make some sets of un-paper towels.

We have certainly enjoyed this preview of Spring and we hope everyone else has too!



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