Sugaring: Our Adventure in Maple Syrup

20150117_145150 20150117_145213

We have never made maple syrup before. But, there’s a first time for everything. After reading about sugaring from an overwhelming amount of sources, we decided to run with it. On January 17th, we tested our sugar maples, and the sap was definitely running! (Above: Channing drills tree (left) and sap running from hole (right).)

20150119_111205 20150119_112900

We ordered supplies, and the next weekend we tapped 20 trees for a test run. We let the sap collect for a few days, and then went back to see what happened. We had collected about 25 gallons of sap, so Channing set up a temporary place to evaporate it and set to work. (Above: Channing getting ready to tap a tree (left) and Channing considering our buckets of supplies (right).)


(Above: Our first pan of sap evaporating, which ended in syrup strictly for personal use.)

We learned several things through our test run. One, we needed a better evaporating set-up. Two, the pot was too small. Three, we needed to tap more trees. Also, we love sugaring!

So, We ordered more taps, new buckets, and better pans and gave it another go.

IMG_20150130_140317 IMG_20150130_140414

(Above: new evaporating set-up with better pans, and more of them!)

The next few days, we collected more sap and went about the process of evaporating it into syrup.

1264335_10101274361825903_2159121355299237779_o 10847645_10101274361187183_8504679983215074788_o

(Above: Channing manning the evaporation process)

Very grateful for the help of a friend during the building of a new set-up and the second attempt of evaporating.

IMG_20150125_213508 IMG_20150125_213501

(Above: Almost finished sap (left) and finished syrup (right).)

After evaporating it down to nearly finished on the fire, it was finished on the stove top.

20150131_180612-1 20150131_180558

After the evaporating is complete, it is then strained into jars (see above).

And, of course, we had to try it out for quality control purposes:

20150131_091400 20150131_091039

Yum! We’re definitely excited about syrup, and ready to make this operation bigger.


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