Richardson Family Farm to Forgotten Foods Farm

Why change our name? When we started the farm nearly a year ago, it was almost on a whim. Although it was something we had both dreamed about and often talked about, we hadn’t actually planned to do it until the day we started it. We chose Richardson Family Farm because it made sense. Our family does all of the labor, and we are doing it for our family. However, a year down the road we have decided to keep at it, keep working harder, and try to make our little dream grow even bigger. In doing so, we filed to become an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and discovered that there was already a Richardson Family Farm, LLC within the state of Kentucky. So, we needed a new name. After weeks of debate and heartfelt thought, we came up with Forgotten Foods Farm, LLC because we like to grow amazing heirlooms that most people have forgotten (or never known) about, and many of the things that we do fall into the category of old, nearly forgotten traditions. Thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in our journey and supported our farm through our first years’ journey as Richardson Family Farm. We hope you will continue to follow us as we carry on as Forgotten Foods Farm, LLC. May the coming years be as exciting as the first!



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