Busy as Our Bees!

Since the weather has been nice, we have been hard at work. Plowing, planting, weeding, picking, processing, selling, repeat over and over.

IMG_20150504_222506 IMG_20150504_164840

We planted our fields once the rains slowed down, and they certainly grew! We have waist high corn and green tomatoes galore. It is so fun to see everything we’ve planted taking off and growing like crazy.

20150623_11463620150623_11444820150623_113842Look at that corn!

We spend a lot of time out in the gardens, so the kids do too. They love getting in the dirt and learning about the plants we grow.

Channing and the kids checking for veggies to pick and pulling up weeds:

   20150623_114224 20150623_113941

20150623_113920  20150623_113749(0) 20150623_112830 20150621_205117  20150621_202152

Lettuce, tomatoes, basil, yummy! Just some pictures of our gardens growing.

20150620_181024 20150620_180707

Lots of delicious fresh produce already (cabbage is almost ready, lettuce both leafy green and red oak, kale, onions, and summer squash):

20150620_180421 20150620_180642 20150620_180230  20150620_181248 20150620_18173220150623_121155

Our bees are doing awesome as well. We got them in April and by June they had filled up two deeps. We split one hive and made a nuc in an attempt to create a third hive, and the other hive has honey supers on it, so hopefully, we’ll be getting some honey at the end of July.


Not only have we been growing vegetables, but we also have had some fun with fruits. In May and early June, we had so many strawberries that we couldn’t seem to pick them all.

IMG_20150520_204937 IMG_20150520_205448

Then…black raspberries:

20150623_111954 20150623_120341

And now, the gooseberries are starting to get ripe, which is very exciting because we can make some gooseberry jelly.


And, we’re waiting for the apples:

20150620_175342 20150620_175513

Although, we do have a handful of June apples that the kids are really loving:

20150620_175954 20150620_175807

We are working hard and having fun as our plants begin to really start producing. We look forward to watching everything continue to grow, and to picking it so we can share it with our community.

You may have seen us at the Rowan County Farmers’ Market here in Morehead on Wednesdays and Saturdays 11:00am to sell out. If not, come on out. We would love to see you there, and we have been growing a lot of tasty treats.

Look for more detailed updates on what’s happening on our farm soon! (And, of course, you can always “like” our facebook page, which is updated frequently.)


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