CSA 2018

Forgotten Foods Farm, LLC CSA

We would like to offer our customers the opportunity to ensure that they get their share of fresh produce each week. A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a share in the annual production of our farm. That means you are fully investing your money in fresh, locally grown produce and in our family’s commitment to our community. You will get varieties that are not usually available in grocery stores that have been bred for flavor instead of shipping ability, and you will know the people who grew them. Our CSA shares only contain produce grown by us on our farm, and shares will guarantee that you get prime selections of our produce before it’s offered at market. If a crop is in short supply, CSA member shares will take priority for that crop over farmers’ market sales. We are officially USDA Certified Organic, so you can also rest assured that we do not use any harmful pesticides or herbicides.

We cannot control the weather and some crops will out perform others during the growing season. However, we will do our best to offer a variety of different seasonal produce items. The shares will average 10 different items every week. Each weekly share will contain ½ bushel of produce. Variety and contents will vary, but here are some examples listed below:

CSA shares

CSA shares will run from approximately May to September. The structure of our CSA program is changing this year. Instead of paying upfront, you subscribe to our mailing list via email and join our 2018 CSA Facebook group.

We will send an email announcing what will be in the CSA box that week on Saturdays. Then, members will let us know via email by Sunday evening if they would like one. It is a first come first served basis, so the people who respond first will be the first ones down for the box until we run out of veggies.

Pickups will be on Tuesday evenings at the Rowan County Arts Center from 5:00-6:00pm, and each weekly box will be $25.


Email us at forgottenfoodsfarm@gmail.com or message us on Facebook with questions or for more information or to sign up for our CSA mailing list.